DCA Coaches Course Summer 2019

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DCA Summer2019.jpg

DCA Coaches Course Summer 2019


We are so excited to see you inside the next DCA Coaches Summer Course 2019. You can view all the trainings online and at your own pace! Here is the curriculum line up!

Training 1: How to transition studio dancers to dance team members- Amanda Gaines - Previous University of Minnesota Coach

Training 2: How to get the most out of those that you coach- Jenna Schneider, University of Wisconsin

Training 3: Motivation Session (this one is not to be missed), Melissa McGhee and her mom! The Ohio State University

Training 4: How to reset after coming off a difficult or successful season- Jenny Eustice, University of Iowa

Training 5: How to work with different technical levels- Alyse Iorio, Wayzata High School

Training 6: Conditioning and training your team- Alysia Ulfers, Previous St. Thomas Coach

Training 7: Confident Risk Taking in Choreography, Toya Ambrose TRA Choreography

Training 8: Incorporating core strength into your kick technique, Nicholas Clement, NCK Choreography. 

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