What Coaches had to say about being a part of the Dance Coach Academy Courses!


I am so glad I got to participate in this training course. It was such a great experience to be able to train and learn from other dance team coaches on various levels from around the country. It allows for us to learn from some really successful programs that we wouldn't normally interact with on a local basis, but definitely look up to. As a coach I am constantly encouraging my dancers to constantly improve upon themselves and never settle, and this training allowed me to practice what I preach. I was able to take my time during the off season to improve myself as a coach so that I am bringing back the best I can to take my team to the next level next season. I highly recommend these courses to other coaches whether they are brand new or a long time veteran coach looking for a new way to approach coaching their team. I look forward to the other training's that are offered. - Meghan Foley, Head Coach South Windsor High School Dance Team, South Windsor, CT

A great course, packed with knowledge for all levels of coaches. Can't wait to put some of these discussions into practice. -Kate S., Crosby-Ironton JV Dance Team Coach

We implemented several of the "start the year off right" ideas. The girls had a blast and it broke the ice quickly. We had several freshman new to the team this year. Tara Fikejs Westosha Central High School

Overall very comprehensive and knowledgeable course! I took away some great organizational tips as a coach and some fun team building strategies that have worked so far! Thanks again for everything and I love the network of coaches! -Ashley Gatto Dance Team Coach at Limestone College

DCA was such a great experience. Me and my fellow coaches all participated and we found ourselves entering in great discussions even after the course closed. I was a great group where you could feel supported, and ask questions to ultimately make your team better. They covered a wide range of topics, all of which are pertinent in any stage of your coaching. I highly recommend DCA! - Bethany Locklear, Delano High School (MN)

I'm Nikki, the head coach of the Endicott College Dance Team. I am going into my 9th season as head coach. This training program was extremely beneficial for me to take our team to the next level for I learned about different coaching perspectives, training in skills and drills, and everything you need to know to have a successful season. The positivity of the training staff and participants was refreshing. I highly recommend this session for new and experienced coaches.

I am Andrea Shoemaker, a first year coach at Haslett High School in Michigan. It was nice as a first year coach to sit back and learn about other programs. I learned a lot about how to kick start my team and different ways of motivating them from the beginning. I feel that I learned a lot from experienced coaches and I can't wait to apply what I learned.

These past few months, DCA has helped me grow and mature as coach. It has always been a desire of mine to learn from the best, and DCA gave me the opportunity to do just that! My team was thrilled to hear I was a part of it and said they could see the difference in my coaching style! Thank you, DCA for being so wonderful and I look forward to more courses in the future!

Have SO enjoyed hearing others talk about how they coach, issues they face and tips they use. Even hearing about things I know in a different way is beneficial! This course is renewing my love of coaching!

This is Tasha Hinex with Oklahoma City University. I really loved the formations and transitions. That's where I get stuck the most. Choreography comes easily to me but making it stand out and visual is always the hardest part.

As i had mentioned above, dance isn't just about creating a routine, it's about creating a team behind the routine. If a team wants to be successful, it needs to happen off the floor and out of practice. Mariah Tweeton, Fargo South Bruinkix

I took DCA's Coaches Training Course and learned so many great things that I could use coming in as a coach to a new team. Things like setting goals and how to motivate your team were great things to learn about. I really liked the lesson on what the first month of practice should look like. I learned some great things from that lesson. ~Kayla Hanson (Champlin Park Fall Dance Team)